A traditional Japanese art that brings happiness: Tamasudare Performer Mika.

I am going to go anywhere in the world to do a traditional Japanese arts, Tamasudare.
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It is an art that everyone who is watching it can enjoy and become excited, and that brings happiness while feeling the tradition of Japan.

A traditional Japanese art, Tamasudare

History of Tamasudare

Tamasudare is a traditional Japanese art.
It is said that approximately 1000 years ago, during the Heian period, the one that was used among the folk songs that were spread to the Gokayama region of Toyama prefecture became independent.And approximately 400 years ago, during the Edo period, it was spread as a way of attracting customers and selling. Tamasudare also appears in Ukiyo-e.Today, it is a traditional art that is rare to see even in Japan.

What kind of art is Tamasudare?

Tamasudare is a likened art of making various shapes according to the words one speaks.A likened art is a technique that expresses an object into something else by likening it, which has cultivated many aspects of Japanese culture. For instance, it includes Japanese gardens and so on.In a likened art, one’s performance is completed together with the imagination of the viewers.It gives the viewers psychological wealth.

Anyone regardless of age can enjoy the performance in which one can play anywhere without having to choose a place and the bamboo blinds change their shape into various forms one after another.

You can also have a trial class and experience a traditional Japanese art.

Umbrella spinning

The umbrella spinning is a kind of Daikagura Kyokugei performance that is a traditional Japanese art with 400 yeUmbrella spinningars of history. Daikagura Kyokugei is a Shinto ritual performing art that was dedicated to God at shrines and so on. Later, it has become popular as a performing art and handed down to the present time.

It is a very congratulatory traditional Japanese art that spins various things such as ball, ring, and teacup on top of an umbrella.

Plate spinning

According to traditional Japanese music, one spins the plates and performs various tricks.These include the flight of a bush warbler from valley to valley, dance with a lark, dance with a fan, dance with an umbrella, rising dragon, and hundred flowers blooming in profusion and so on. 


Tamasudare Performer Mika

She encountered Tamasudare 15 years ago. She studied under Baikō Yatsufusa, Yatsufusa school Nankin Tamasudare Iemoto. She loves Tamasudare that is traditional Japanese and is greatly expressive, and has practiced it repeatedly. She also performed in various domestic and international events.

She performed at many places, including Kobe Festival Parade, Akougishi Festival Parade, Lobby Event at “Yutaka Sado Produce Silvester Gala Concert,” Ganbare Tohoku! Cheer Up Concert, Ganbare Kumamoto! Cheer Up Concert and others, festivals at shrines, events at community cafes, shopping districts, and commercial facilities, annual new year parties in a company, memorial events, parties and so on.

She also performed abroad, including Hawaii Honolulu Festival, Chingay Parade in Singapore, Shanghai in China, Hangzhou Stage, “ALL Kansai Festival” stage Isetan in Bangkok, Isetan in Malaysia and so on.

She won the championship in the 1st Japan Nankin Tamasudare Tournament in the Individual Division.